Violation of a Protective Order: Serious Felony in Virginia

Did you know that the violation of a protective order is a criminal offense? If this protective order is violated repeatedly, the offender can be charged by Class 3 felony and even Class 6 if abuse is involved. What are these Protective order? How are these violated? The Protective orders are also called restraining order which is issued by the Family Law Court Domestic Violence Division. These are widely issued during the divorce and child custody cases. This protective order is of a very serious nature, it appears in the criminal background check and meeting the alleged victim can also be barred.

In Virginia, the violation of a protective order is considered a serious criminal offense, felony or misdemeanor. This means the offender can be charged with severe penalties. You need a good lawyer to nail the case and bring justice to the victim harmed emotionally or physically due to the violation of the Protective Order. For receiving proper justice, you need an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer from the SRIS Law Group can become the perfect aid to report the violation case and reinforce the protective order while punishing the violator with the felony charges.


The SRIS Law Group can offer expertise in any of the violation committed against the protective order, a serious felony according to Virginia Law.

  • If the party protected has been stalked
  • If an assault or any kind of physical harm has been inflicted on the person under the protective order.
  • If the protected person is threatened by a firearm or other deadly weapon.

All these kinds of violation are treated as serious criminal offense or felony. The first violation is treated as a Class I felony, where the violator is fined up to $2,500 and can be jailed up to 12 months. If the violation is repeated within 5 years, the penalty is mandatory confinement 60 days jail minimum. If the violation is committed 3 times within 20 years, the conviction is treated as a Class 6 Felony, with minimum punishment 6-month jail. In case the person has been bodily harmed or been threatened by a deadly weapon, the violator is treated as Class 6 felony with the minimum 2 years jail on conviction.

With such strong protective laws by Virginia regarding the violation of Protective Order. You are free to report any such activity which takes place. If you feel frightened and helpless, pick up your phone and call the SRIS Law Group, our experienced lawyers will offer you all the options. The knowledgeable attorneys will guide you through all the complex and lawful steps from submitting the complaint to the legal proceeding till the offender is punished. Attorneys at SRIS Law Group respect and understand your struggle. They will represent the case with wisdom and thoughtfulness.

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