VA Prostitution Solicitation Defense

The definition for solicitation of prostitution is very clearly defined by the law. It is a part of the same statute that talks about prostitution and defines it in very clear terms. For person to be charged with solicitation of prostitution he or she has to offer money or an equivalent of it to another person for engaging in acts that are sexual in nature. The law makes it obvious that an offer alone on its own is not sufficient for someone to be held guilty on a charge of solicitation of prostitution. The prosecutor needs to have sufficient evidence that proves that an act of sexual nature occurred in exchange for the offer of money or its equivalent.

Many prostitution solicitation defendants are in committed relationships and a lot of times they are married too. In that case the defense lawyers have to be extremely discreet in their dealings with their clients so as to keep things under a wrap. Most defense lawyers who take up prostitution solicitation cases are able to convert the charges to something like disorderly conduct and other charges of the same intensity. That saves the clients from any embarrassment that a prostitution solicitation charge would cause.

There are a lot of hotels in Fairfax County where the police holds prostitution stings. The owners of these hotels are usually cordial with the police department on this because they do not want the name of their hotel associated with such activity. A prostitution or solicitation of prostitution conviction for someone who is not a United States citizen could prove to be extremely hazardous for their future in the country. In that case a strong defense is very necessary.

The lawyers who specialize in solicitation of prostitution cases and the likes, are very good at what they do. Some cases even have a lot of things in common. The prosecution is usually unable to prove and pinpoint which exact online advertisement the defendant was trying to indulge in. Many times they find it difficult to tie the defendant to the text messages that contain the offer of money for solicitation of prostitution. These both things create a very significant amount of doubt in the prosecution’s case.

There are many smart clients too. They make the payment at the start of the session. For example if they are entering a hotel room to partake in such an activity, they keep the payment of a table before the service is actually rendered. In that case even if the police catches the parties red handed, the defendant can prove that the money was for something else and that the sexual act that followed was with mutual consent of both the parties without any role of prostitution. These individuals prove to easier cases to handle for defense lawyers.

In any case the defense for prostitution solicitation cases needs to be strong and smartly played or it can very easily go the wrong way, leaving the defendant with the charges and in most cases a divorce case too.

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