Traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA

Every law possess high value in the judiciary system of different countries; thus, traffic laws also have the significant values in the laws of Fairfax VA. People who are facing the different cases related to traffic such as; drunk driving case, suspended the license, speeding tickets and reckless driving are required to contact immediately to our Traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA for getting the assistance. People are required to obey these laws, but if someone faces the charges for such cases, then it is necessary to call our traffic lawyer immediately.

The traffic laws cover different sections and clauses which are difficult for every lawyer to have effectively. The Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA is required to have the grip on each section and clause to provide the effective services to their clients. People that face different traffic-related cases are often charged with reckless driving, DUI defense, suspended the license and over speeding. All these charges possess sever penalties; therefore, our Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA have the effective skills for managing these charges and for providing the defense to their clients.

Penalties for different Traffic Related Cases

When a person is charged with DUI, there is a penalty of $ 2500 and one year in jail for the first offense. Moreover, the license of the person can be suspended for one year as it is class one misdemeanor. DUI in Fairfax VA is § 18.2-266 and is known as unlawful when the person is driving with alcohol. The charges of Reckless driving also possess severe penalties such as; jail of around one long year and fine of $ 2500. The person which is driving recklessly can have more than one charges as reckless driving can also lead to over speeding as well. According to the laws of Fairfax VA, reckless driving is known as § 46.2-868. Penalty. The person which is reckless driving can have the sole and proximate result of the driving which can cause the death of another person and will found guilty of Class 6 felony. The person with multiple charges can face the charges of reckless driving, accidental death and over speeding which cause the lifetime jail and high amount of fine. Our traffic lawyers in Fairfax VA are familiar with all the charges of traffic charges and knows how the other lawyer will operate.

The person which is charged with the charges of DUI, Reckless Driving and over speeding in Fairfax VA can face an intimidating process; therefore, it is required for persons to take the consultation and guidance from our traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA. Blacksburg DUI and Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA can provide the attorney services and will help the person in minimizing the impact of charges or can dismiss completely which are placed on the victim.  It is required to have the immense knowledge about the different traffic laws and its penalties for operating against the different charges of the victim in the traffic case.

Hence, you can contact us when you face such penalties. Our skill and experience lawyers will guide you in such situations and will try to reduce the charges through consultaion.