Is Soliciting a Prostitute a Felony in Loudoun Virginia

The act of prostitution is a sex crime in the state of Virginia and the conviction of the crime possess serious punishments of imprisonment and a significant money as a fine. But there is a question that is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia? The laws of prostitution provide the answer to this question. Solicitation refers to the act of requesting for developing sexual contact with another person by offering money. Soliciting someone for sexual activity in exchange for money also comes under the category of prostitution. The punishment for the act of solicitation is same as for the prostitution.

Moreover, “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?” needs a clear understanding of the laws which outline the nature of the crime and its punishment. According to the laws, participating, promoting or facilitating the illegal forms of sexual activity or sex in exchange for money is a serious offense.  Particularly, the act of prostitution includes the provision of sexual services as a business in which the sexual contact made with the purpose of getting financial benefits.

The individual who is involved in this crime is punished with the penalty of up to one year along with the fine of up to $2,500. The question “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?” is also clarified through the Virginia code sections from 18.2-346 to 18.2-359 which clearly describe the acts of prostitution and solicitation of prostitutes. The laws also proposed the punishments of imprisonment and fine for different case scenarios.

There are some other acts which are associated with the offenses of prostitution and have severe punishments which include the solicitation of prostitutes for sexual contact through different means. Then people ask “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?” when the person is willingly involved in the act. Promoting prostitution is termed as pandering or pimping and human trafficking are the more serious crimes and possess more severe punishments. Detaining an individual with the purpose of prostitution, taking money to place a person in a situation of illegal sexual activity and earning money by using the services of the prostitutes are punishable acts for class 4 felony charges.

The judgment against the crime of prostitution is not much severe than the crime of involving in promoting the prostitution. Therefore, the person directly involved in prostitution might avoid the imprisonment, however, the conviction of solicitation can be life-changing which consequences can be adverse and can have a greater impact on future. These punishments also provide the answer to the question “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?”

The experienced lawyer with a comprehensive knowledge of sexual crimes can observe the case details with greater concentration. Therefore, he can suggest better options to the accused individual to avoid or reduce punishment. Moreover, the lawyer, by observing the case details can also assist in selecting the defense mechanism which would be appropriate according to the case scenario. Contact the experienced and skilled lawyers immediately if you are accused of any of the sexual crimes so you can correctly present your case by smartly dealing with the charges.

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