Online Sex Crimes- What Are the Penalties?

Undoubtedly, online communication through computers, tablets along with cellphones have largely increased the opportunity for offenders to make sexual advances towards easy targets, usually children and adolescents. In response to the increased risk, government officials have expanded the investigative techniques along with the legislatures clarifying and strengthening the criminal laws in order to track down any such activities taking place on the internet.

Both the federal as well as the state laws have made it a crime for people to engage in any type of sexual contact with a minor under the age of eighteen, through the use of the internet. This comprises of sending text messages, pictures, emails or any other type of communication, which is considered to be sexual in nature.

Both – the federal and state laws have also prohibited the possession, production and the distribution and sale of pornographic materials, which portray a minor under the age of eighteen in a sexual manner. Child pornography laws have been constituted by the state of Virginia to punish the use of computer and internet in order to share, obtain or distribute any sexual material, which involves minors.

Enticing minors through the internet to commit acts of sexual abuse is also defined as a second-degree felony in most states, including Virginia. The minor is supposed to be below the state’s legal age, which is eighteen. It is also very important to understand that the societal norms and pressure in the United States, during the recent years have caused the government to investigate and prosecute sexual offenses, which take place online.

Therefore, the numbers concerning the internet sex crimes have increased. Numerous of these offenses might not even involve specific victims, however, the consequences when convicted of being a federal Internet sex offender can be extremely devastating. Not only will the perpetrator be sent to jail, they will also be fined and forced to register themselves as a sex offender. Furthermore, the perpetrator is also going to lose any property related to the crime,

Sex crimes on the internet might take place in numerous ways. These can range from distributing and viewing pictures online, which portray people engaged in sexual activities without their consent. Using the internet to meet other people for illegal sexual activates is also considered to be illegal. This could land you in the jail for at least twenty-five years to life.

The USA government has invested huge amounts of funds in order to investigate the possible criminal offenses taking place on the internet. It is important that you take care of your safety and security when online. The state of Virginia has defined harsh laws, which could send you behind bars and force you to pay hefty amounts of fine as well.

If you find yourself in a situation involving Online Sex Crime, it is important that you contact a professional lawyer immediately. Not only will he/she be able to get you out of the situation, he will also save you from a lifetime of hassle.

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