Loudoun VA Speeding Ticket

Over speeding is an act of violation of rules of a particular government. The traffic rules are made to ensure the safety of the passengers and the surrounding people. Over speeding is considered illegal in Virginia just like rest of the states of the country because over speeding puts a threat to the life of the motorist and also to the life of the people in the surrounding area. A speeding ticket is issued to a person who violates the speed limit rule by exceeding the speed beyond the set limit. Speeding tickets are issued in order to ensure that this kind of irresponsible action does not happen again in the future. Virginia has strict rules against traffic violation and all the counties of Virginia also follow the same set of rules. Loudoun is a county located the Potomac River in the Commonwealth Virginia. Loudoun County also ensures the same laws against traffic violation e.g. over speeding and etc., as rest of the state.

Speeding ticket in Virginia is of normally $250 to $350. Although the maximum fine penalty against reckless driving, which may include over speeding, is $2500, but that is rarely imposed on a convict. Some serious consequences may include the loss of your license, loss of security clearance and loss of your job. Under some conditions the judge might agree to give you a restricted license which allows you to drive to certain locations or driver under only legitimate emergency conditions. The restricted license may allow you to drive to your school, workplace, to get medical help, childcare and etc.

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