Improper driving in Warren Virginia

Traffic violation is considered to be an offense of high illegitimacy around the world, but when it comes to United States of America rules become stricter. Reckless driving is considered to be the most serious and dangerous of all other traffic violations. Reckless driving refers to an act of driving in which driver is driving vehicle rashly endangering people and property around. Due to its complex nature it is considered to be most serious offense of all. Any individual found guilty of reckless driving is subjected following penalties by the court:

  • Guilty party is convicted to the Class 6 Felony;
  • Guilty party is convicted to the Class 1 Misdemeanor;
  • Guilty party is subjected to an imprisonment of approximately six months or a whole year;
  • Guilty party is charged with six DMV points on the driving record of the accused. These points stay in the record for maximum of eleven months;
  • Guilty party is charged with a fine of up to $2500;
  • In most cases driver’s driving permit is suspended for a time span depending on the complexity of the charge imposed.

Mentioned points reflect the seriousness of reckless driving charge, however it can be lowered to the charge of ‘improper driving’. Improper driving in actual refers to be the subtle version of reckless driving, which is imposed on the accused to ensure that the act is not repeated again. In case of improper driving following penalties are imposed on the outlaw:

  • Guilty party is charged with three DMV points on the driving record, which stay there for not more than three years;
  • Guilty party is charged with fine of not more than $500;
  • Guilty party is not convicted to the class 6 felony;
  • Guilty party is not convicted to the class 1 misdemeanor;
  • Guilty party is not subjected to an imprisonment;
  • Driving license of the accused party is not suspended.

Accused can strive hard in order to lower the penalties to reduce the severity of the punishments. In order to do so one has to prove in the court that even though the offense is committed by the accused, yet all were safe at that time. This cannot be practically possible without hiring a legal attorney who can deal with such cases proficiently. In case if you are in need you can consult Law offices of SRIS P.C. We specialize in providing solutions to all sorts of traffic violation charges at an affordable cost.

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