How Do I File for a Protective Order or Restraining Order in Virginia?

The legal document that is designed to provide security to stop harassment and stop violence is called protective order. It is to provide protection to you and your family from abusers. The protective orders offer civil legal protection from domestic violence to female and male victims. These are court orders to provide you safety and help you keep safe. You can apply for legal protection against the acts of violence against you minor child or family. You are able to seek security from

  • Any marriage and blood relation
  • Anyone you live with
  • foster children, adopted children, stepchildren, grandchildren, children
  • Parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, stepparents, grandparents
  • against ex-spouse
  • present spouse
  • Someone you are dating

A minor of 16 years old and above can apply for protective orders. It is very easy to file the case in the regular court. The minor of 13 years and less has to file the case with Juvenile Court Jurisdiction.

How to file the Protective order?

  • Fill up the form and take it to the court clerk. He submits these forms to the judge.
  • Judge is authorized to issue temporary restraining orders.
  • Pick your papers from court and distribute these copies of the temporary orders.

Who will help you in taking these orders?

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