Federal Drug Lawyer

If you live in the United States of America, very few things can be as frightening as being arrested for a federal drug offense. Regardless of the exact crime detail, you’re being prosecuted for, whether it’s possession with intent to sell or trafficking, or conspiring to aid and abet the proliferation of illicit drugs, the consequences of federal drug convictions are exceedingly severe.

Federal drug charges often call for lengthy legal procedures, and ultimately, lengthy prison sentences. But it doesn’t just stop there, due to the federal nature of such offenses, only prison time is not on the cards; there is a very real possibility that offenders will lose their federal benefits and student loans, along with other harsher penalties.

It doesn’t just stop there. Drug crimes are varied and consist of different extents and types of offenses. In certain jurisdictions and situations, people can be charged with conspiracy even if they are just aware of a nearby narcotics activity. The federal law may also argue that by doing nothing with the information at your disposal amounts to facilitating illicit activities.

Drug Offenses Explained

When the federal government classifies a particular substance and labels it as ‘controlled,’ it usually implies that the usage and distribution of it are governed by law. Controlled substances find further classification at different levels or ‘schedules’ under federal and state statutes.

Drug offenses vary in mannerisms and their severity, some common drug crimes include:

  • Distribution and Trafficking
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Possession
  • Drug Conspiracy

How Can Drug Crime Lawyers Help?

The first step to take if you find yourself anywhere near conviction or suspicion of illicit narcotic activity, the most prudent step is to seek legal counsel. In this endeavor, federal drug crime lawyers and narcotics law specialists can be of immense help. This help can result in either complete acquittal, a lessened sentence or, at the very least, aid your understanding of the predicament.

Lawyers can help protect your fundamental rights

Starting off with fundamental liberties and rights, the only person you should talk to if contacted by the law about a possible federal drug offense is a criminal defense lawyer. If this personnel specializes in drug crimes and federal narcotics laws, then all the better. Federal drug crimes lawyers can initially serve a number of essential functions:

  • Handling communication with police and federal drug agents
  • Possibly negotiating with prosecutors
  • Protecting your witness rights
  • Privately investigating facts and coming up with potential defenses
  • Representing your bail case and detention hearings
  • Seeking the lightest sentencing possible

Hence it is always advisable and best practice to utter the following words in case law enforcement agencies contact you concerning a possible drug crime:

“I shall not talk further until I have discussed the matter with my attorney.”

What to look for in a Federal Drug Crimes Lawyer

Now that you know the seriousness of Federal level drug crimes, it is time you search for an excellent federal drug crimes lawyer. Determining what kind of representation is best for you can be an exhausting and costly process. You should always keep the following things in mind when looking for legal representation in federal drug crimes and offenses.

  • Look for communication skills. This not only means argumentation skills in general or court-skills, but it also indicates how proficient the federal drug crimes lawyer is in communicating with you
  • Prioritize experience. Federal trials are long, exhausting and cost a lot of money. Hence, always go for experience as it has massive potential to reduce the time and cost.
  • Availability is also a key factor when evaluating legal representation options. A federal crimes lawyer who doesn’t make himself available promptly can cause a lot of distress.