Family Law Attorney Fairfax Virginia

Usually, the judges allow shared custody whenever there is an agreement between the parents. In fact, some autonomous communities have autonomous legislation that promotes that joint custody is the preferred and general option. The trend is towards the fact that joint custody ceases to be a minority and exceptional option. Also, the joint custody choice is becoming an option that the judges can grant even if the parties have not agreed.

However, the courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia and all across the US take into account the best interest of the child when making any decision related to child custody, says an experienced family law attorney Fairfax Virginia. Over time, we will see where the laws and society evolves.

If your divorce case also involves your children, then you must consider these three points to figure out what type of custody is better in your specific case:

  1. There are a couple of other things you should keep in mind. You agree to a shared custody when you both are willing to share the responsibilities to raise your children equitably. But it DOES NOT MEAN that you have to take a calculator and spend exactly the same hours, minutes and seconds with your children. I have lived discrepancies based on an hour or more and an hour or less and I do not believe that this is the most relevant factor, says a family law attorney Fairfax Virginia.
  1. Try by all means to put the needs of your children ahead of your wishes for justice, revenge, anger and many other negative feelings that will be part of your life for a few months subsequent to your divorce case. Do you really not let him change one day for another because he has not warned you in enough time? Or is it that it really makes you angry to get away with it?
  1. Be that as it may, you have to accept a fact that, however realistic it may be, it is still painful. Marital separation or divorce will mean that you spend less time with your children. Everything you used to do together with the children, now you will do it separately. You all win, and that is why you have come to the conclusion that separation was the best option. But at the same time, you all lose because there are things that will inevitably change.

It is a difficult process in which you will have doubts, moments of loneliness and more intense feelings than you can imagine before separating says family law attorney Fairfax Virginia. Additionally, explaining it to your children will also be difficult.

If you need help in this process, then you should not hesitate, get in touch with an experienced family law attorney Fairfax Virginia. Such a well-versed legal practitioner will help you understand the consequences of divorce on your children’s lives, different types of child custody options available to you, and what type of custody scenario will be best for you.