Carnal Knowledge of Minor in Howard Maryland

If you are charged with the carnal knowledge of minor in Maryland then you must need to seek a professional lawyer for you who can provide you a defense against the charge. The experienced criminal defense lawyer will help you to get rid of this situation or from different penalties that can be in result of carnal knowledge of a child. It is considered one of the biggest crimes under the federal and state government. The sex crime lawyer can help you with this type of crime.

What Is The Term Carnal Knowledge?

Before moving toward the topic we must need to clear this concept that what this crime is actually. The statue for this crime is found in section 18.2-63 which is labeled as the carnal knowledge of minor whose age can be 13th or 15th years old.

This term includes the all activities of sexual acts such as touching the private parts, sexual intercourse or the oral sex as well these all crimes are included in it.

The charges that can be filled and the punishment for this crime may be imposed on the basis of age of the offender who is in relationship to the age of the victim. These both aspects are the important part of a crime.

What are the Penalties On carnal knowledge of a Kid?

In Howard Maryland, this crime is considered one of the biggest crime in which a minor is involved with an elder person. The penalty for this crime depends on the age of both victim and the offender in a relationship and also the circumstances are one of the important aspects of it. There is a different type of penalties that an offender can face in against this charge.

  • If the age of A person who conducts this crime is 18 years old or more and the age of a victim is 13 or 15 years, then he or she is committed a felony of class 4. The penalty for this one can be imprisonment for 2 to 10 years or a fine that can be up to $100,000.
  • If both offender and the victim are minor and they have consented to the sexual activity the panty can be reduced. If the age of defender will be 3 or more years older than the victim, the offender will face the felony of class 6 in which the penalty will be 1 to 5 years in jail and the fine which can be up to $2500.
  • If both parties say that they have a consented to make this relationship with each other, and the age of the offender is less than 3 years older than the age of the victim, the crime will be considered a misdemeanor of class 4. The time of jail is not included and the penalty for fine can be more than $250
  • You will be registered as sex offender in the registry government database of the Howard Maryland.

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