Buy Houses in Alexandria Virginia

If you want to Buy Houses in Alexandria Virginia, you should keep in mind that this is an enormous financial undertaking. If you plan to becoming a homeowner in the year 2018, following are some of the rules which you should know by heart.

Moving Expenses Get Deducted when You Relocate for A Job

if you are purchasing a house and also relocating for a new job simultaneously for a new job, then you’re in luck! As long you are meeting the certain IRS criteria you will be able to deduct various expenses for instance the expense of hiring movers or renting a unit for storage. In order to qualify for this, you will have to work full time for thirty nine out of fifty-two weeks immediately after you move in. Moreover, your new office needs to be at least fifty miles away from old house than your old house was. Due to this you are provided with an added bonus, the deduction for the moving expenses is considered to be an above the line deduction. This means that you have the option to take it even when you don’t itemize your taxes.

Homeowners Receive Special Tax Breakers

The average homeowners in USA spends approximately 1% to 4% of their houses’ value on the annual maintenance as well as repairs. Even though this is a lot of money to reimburse, the good news is that for home owners there are numerous tax breakers which have been designed in order to offer financial relief to home owners. For most of those who have bought a house, the interest rates on the mortgage provide the largest amounts of savings. At present, home owners will be able to deduct the interest they pay on up to $500,000 of mortgage debt when we talk about a single filer, and up to $1 million of mortgage debt when you file a joint return.  If the owner has also paid points on the mortgage, then these points too are deductible. Furthermore, the property taxes they have to pay under any circumstances are deductible as well.

Prepare for PMI Or Put down 20%

There is a valid reason why the home buyers are encouraged to make a down payment of 20%. When they fail to produce this amount, they might be required to purchase private mortgage insurance, or PMI as it is commonly known. This is yet another kind of payment which you will have to make to your lender. In the most common scenario, PMI is equal to 0.5% to 1% and owners will have to spend an additional $2000 every year on top of the regular mortgage amount. This bill, nevertheless, does not last forever. One the house equity exceeds 20% the buyer has the right to ask the lender to drop the PMI.

When you Buy Houses in Alexandria Virginia it is very important that you keep the above mentioned three points in mind as they are going to help you not only in the short run, but in the long run as well!