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Traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA

Every law possess high value in the judiciary system of different countries; thus, traffic laws also have the significant values in the laws of Fairfax VA. People who are facing the different cases related to traffic such as; drunk driving case, suspended the license, speeding tickets and reckless driving are required to contact immediately to our Traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA for getting the assistance. People are required to obey these laws, but if someone faces the charges for such cases, then it is necessary to call our traffic lawyer immediately.

The traffic laws cover different sections and clauses which are difficult for every lawyer to have effectively. The Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA is required to have the grip on each section and clause to provide the effective services to their clients. People that face different traffic-related cases are often charged with reckless driving, DUI defense, suspended the license and over speeding. All these charges possess sever penalties; therefore, our Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA have the effective skills for managing these charges and for providing the defense to their clients.

Penalties for different Traffic Related Cases

When a person is charged with DUI, there is a penalty of $ 2500 and one year in jail for the first offense. Moreover, the license of the person can be suspended for one year as it is class one misdemeanor. DUI in Fairfax VA is § 18.2-266 and is known as unlawful when the person is driving with alcohol. The charges of Reckless driving also possess severe penalties such as; jail of around one long year and fine of $ 2500. The person which is driving recklessly can have more than one charges as reckless driving can also lead to over speeding as well. According to the laws of Fairfax VA, reckless driving is known as § 46.2-868. Penalty. The person which is reckless driving can have the sole and proximate result of the driving which can cause the death of another person and will found guilty of Class 6 felony. The person with multiple charges can face the charges of reckless driving, accidental death and over speeding which cause the lifetime jail and high amount of fine. Our traffic lawyers in Fairfax VA are familiar with all the charges of traffic charges and knows how the other lawyer will operate.

The person which is charged with the charges of DUI, Reckless Driving and over speeding in Fairfax VA can face an intimidating process; therefore, it is required for persons to take the consultation and guidance from our traffic lawyer in Fairfax VA. Blacksburg DUI and Traffic Lawyer in Fairfax VA can provide the attorney services and will help the person in minimizing the impact of charges or can dismiss completely which are placed on the victim.  It is required to have the immense knowledge about the different traffic laws and its penalties for operating against the different charges of the victim in the traffic case.

Hence, you can contact us when you face such penalties. Our skill and experience lawyers will guide you in such situations and will try to reduce the charges through consultaion.

Should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Hanover Virginia?

All those who are charges for the reckless driving in Hanover County face the charges with class 1 misdemeanour, which is considered as the most serious misdemeanor offense. The first query of the person convicted for reckless driving is that should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Hanover Virginia and the answer is always yes because there is a possibility of the person spending time in jail particularly if the person has a former record of ticketed offenses. The matter calls for the representative if the person is charged with any serious violations, so there is no need for the person to ask should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Hanover Virginia. In case of any the serious violations, serious fines can become the part of the sentence, along with the suspension of the driver’s license.

There are many reckless driving tickets that are issued in the county particularly on I-95, Highway 1 and the 301. Moreover, the racing reckless driving tickets or illegal passing can be given out on any local thoroughfare as well. There are also many lawyers who provide free consultancy on the telephone regarding the queries of the person who are found guilty and have the question in mind should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Hanover Virginia or not.

Penalties for Reckless Driving In Hanover County

A conviction can bring a jail sentence of 12 months and fine of $2,500 if they do not hire the lawyer in their defence. The first time offenders with good driving records can receive a comparatively lower fine and probation, although there is no assurance for that.

According to the laws by Virginia, the driving conviction results in six demerit points, which is added to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driving record of the violator, and that conviction, will remain on record of the person for the next 11 years. If someone is ticketed for reckless driving without having any valid driving license, it can cause a fatal accident. It is also charged as class 6 felony, which can result in the penalty of five years making it imperative to get the lawyers for reckless driving in Hanover.

Appealing a Reckless Driving Conviction

If any individual is convicted of any offense that includes reckless driving, then you can appeal the decision, only if the person files for it within the date of conviction. The appeal is transferred from the General District Court to the Hanover County Circuit Court. During this situation, the conviction is not reviewed properly rather it gets aside and the new trail takes its place, where all the evidence is heard over again in front of the new judge. It is a possibility that reckless driving could be able to plead the reckless driving charge down to the decreased charge of simple speeding or improper driving. None of these two convictions is misdemeanors and results in smaller fines.

Possession of a Controlled Substance in Fairfax Virginia

Have you always thought of learning about common laws in the United States of America?

If you have spent hours to read about Possession of a Controlled Substance in Fairfax Virginia and the punishment for the crime, you surely want to learn about the general laws in United States of America to get a better view of what you are expected to face when you are on, carrying or importing drugs.

First of all, it is necessary for you to know the meaning of controlled substance. It is nothing but a drug or addictive chemical that is illegal to be manufactured, possessed or used. It is something that the government has prohibited people from using or manufacturing without a proper license for the same. Unless you have a valid prescription to use drugs on yourself or sell it to someone, you are not allowed to use or sell it. If you have a prescription, you are supposed to possess only that amount of drug that you are allowed to consume for a period of time. Since there are risks of overdosing or addiction, you are not allowed to carry more than a certain number of pills.

What if you are found with drugs and you never knew they were present in your bag?

 So if you think of learning about federal lawyers Massachusetts to help yourself or a loved one come out of the trap you are into at the moment, you need to know that you have to prove yourself innocent in front of the lawyers as well. Only then you are allowed to breathe freely once again since then they start working in your favor. There attorneys can help you, but only if you are genuinely innocent and someone else has tried to trap you in the same. You just need to be as calm as you can and hire a good lawyer to pull yourself out of the situation of being found with drugs you have absolutely no idea about.

Here are a few general drug laws in the United States of America:

  • If someone is found possessing drugs without prescription, he has committed a punishable offence and thus, will either be charged with a serious penalty or sent to jail or even both. Depending upon how much drug has been found, the punishment varies. If there is no idea about how the drug came into the bag or car of an individual, he is allowed to hire a lawyer to prove himself innocent at the court.
  • If someone is found using drugs, or being on drugs, he is proven to be a criminal and charged with a penalty as well as sent to jail to a period of minimum five years.
  • If someone is caught selling drugs to minors, he is charged with a severe penalty and a jail for a period of up to 50 years, which means he spends most of his life in the jail or behind the bars.

Sexual assault attorney Fairfax

Some sexual behaviors are illegal under Virginia and federal law. Offenses related to rape, sexual relations with minors or other illegal sexual acts are considered the most serious crimes in the criminal justice system. The conviction of a sexual offense can only lead to decades of imprisonment, but it can also be marked by the label of a sex offender who will continue to be charged for the rest of his life. The job of a sexual assault attorney in Fairfax is to help the accused respond to these life-changing criminal allegations to protect his rights, defend his reputation, and achieve the best possible result in his circumstances.

Virginia Laws on Sexual Offenses

There are many different sexual acts that can lead to criminal charges in Virginia. However, Fairfax sexual assault attorney is fully aware of this. Examples of such laws include Violation. Article 18.2-61 of the Virginia Code defines rape as the cause of someone’s participation in sexual acts by force, threat, or intimidation. Coercion or violence, even towards someone, to commit sexual acts with third parties may be considered a violation, as well as sexual intercourse before the age of 13 or with someone who cannot accept because of mental or physical impotence. Penalties include imprisonment of at least five years, depending on the age of the victim and any physical injury sustained by the victim. Sexual acts with minors. It is a crime to participate in sexual acts with minors, including the penetration of objects. If the child is between the ages of 13 and 15 and does not use force, the offense is a Class 4 offense, unless the child accepts and the defendant is a minor and the minor is under the age of three. In this case, it is a class 6 crime. If there is consensus and there is a difference of fewer than three years between the person and the child, the offense is a class 4 crime.

Take indecent liberty with children. The Virginia Code prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from exposing their genitals to children under 15 years of age. It is also forbidden to suggest that the child comforts, develops the genitals or other organs, or invites a child to enter a vehicle or at home to participate in sexual acts. This behavior is a class C 5 crime, unless the money does not change hands, there are recurring crimes or grandchildren, stepchildren, or children, where the charges are class 4 or 5 It is therefore imperative that a Sexual assault attorney Fairfax in the county.

Services of Sexual assault attorney Fairfax

The options available to a person charged with a sexual offense vary according to the nature of the crime and the evidence against it. For example, if a person has been charged with possession of pornographic material for children, Sexual Assault Attorney Fairfax may claim that he has not downloaded the illegal material. If you were accused of raping an adult, consent could be a potential defense. However, consent is not a defense if you have been charged with raping a child.

Sexual assault attorney Fairfax will carefully review the sexual assault case, inform the defendant about the options available to her and will appear in court or help negotiate an agreement with prosecutors that could lead to charges and convictions reductions. The goal is to keep the name of the sex offender list and avoid the conviction as much as possible.

Richmond VA Drug Charge Attorney

Drug charges can be devastating for an individual. The jail term and financial penalties involved with drug charges are hefty and usually not flexible. In Richmond, Virginia, the State has well-defined laws and legal repercussions for people involved in a drug case. While the stature is designed to punish lawbreakers and criminals actively involved in drug racketing, it could be too harsh on first offenders and people who were involved in drug abuse only as an influence of their peer.

We live in a society where we seek approval from our peers in order to avoid isolation. Students and teenagers often engage in drug abuse to find the swag factor and impress other people in the same age group. Often, the need to impress your peers and seek their approval can resort to activities involving drugs. This is especially true for the youth who finds it imperative to be accepted in a peer group and would follow whatever trend they need to, which may include drugs. It is quite likely that drug abuse would not be a personal choice, but rather, an influential choice. For example, if a student wants to join a group that is considered ‘cool’ in the school, he/she would need to accept the norms of the group to be part of it.

This can include consuming recreational drugs such as marijuana, meth, and other drugs that are banned according to the state law in Richmond, Virginia. Being caught during the act can be a bothersome endeavor, where the convict would face financial penalties, jail term, communal service, probation, or any combination of the above. It would also leave a permanent record on your public profile that can be accessed by a variety of institutions. If you were a first time offender, you would need to hire a lawyer to reduce the penalties levied by the court.

Hiring a good attorney in such cases is imperative, as an experienced lawyer can reduce your sentence and can help in getting early parole under the juvenile act. For a person, a criminal conviction can affect the family, relatives, and even for your self-esteem. It would have a grave mental impact and can leave you prone to social isolation, which can trigger mood swings and suicidal thoughts. Avoid these challenges by hiring an experienced and professional attorney to represent your case in the court. An experienced law firm would be well acquainted with such cases and would know the practices to minimize the sentence.

You can plead a lenient sentence by proving it as your first offense and can later file for expungement to eliminate the records from your public profile. Removing the record from your profile is indeed critical to reducing challenges in future. A criminal charge sheet in your public profile can jeopardize your future endeavors, which includes your educational career as well as your professional career. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help in reducing the term as well as expunge the record.

Prince William traffic violation lawyers

The violation of traffic rules usually puts the life of other and the driver on huge risk, therefore, the violation of rules results in heavy fines and punishments. Few violations are prosecuted as the serious criminal offenses like reckless driving which can include the severe punishments and the penalties. The Prince William traffic violation lawyers help the individuals in avoiding unnecessary and unpleasant consequences of traffic violation charges.

Being charged with the traffic rules violation offense causes difficulty for the person in several ways. According to traffic code section Virginia 46.2-852, getting charged with the criminal offense of reckless driving will result in the imprisonment of up to one year and the penalty of up to $2,500. However, in serious cases, the driving license of the individual can be suspended which will cause further difficulties for the individual if he or she has to travel frequently. Moreover, having DMV points on your license also results in building the criminal record.

Hiring Prince William traffic violation lawyers are helpful as they have a vast knowledge of the state’s laws and judges which help them in developing a strong defense. Therefore, it will be a great impact on the case proceedings. Prior to paying the traffic ticket, it is important for the individual to understand the possible consequences of the action on the driving record. The DMV demerit point not only results in the criminal driving record but also leads to the suspension of driving license. The individual must fight the charges against him to avoid these possible unwanted consequences.

An individual can be charged with the reckless driving offense when he or she drives with the speed of 20 miles over the applicable speed limit. However, even if within limits, failing to maintain the control of the vehicle and driving in such a manner that it could risk the life of others and the person himself can also be considered as reckless driving. Traffic violations in Virginia are mostly punishable with a fine and imprisonment and to dismiss these offenses or to minimize the punishments, it is necessary for the accused person to consult the experienced Prince William traffic violation lawyers.

In some scenarios, the people consider this easier to pay the fine and remove the charges, but there are certain conditions in which you have to fight against the charges. There are cases present in which the individuals get charged for the crime they did not commit and which resulted in the development of their criminal record and caused other difficulties such as regular court hearings. Hiring the Prince William traffic violation lawyers be not only helpful for the individual in understanding the case scenario and the related charges and punishments but also provides essential support by the lawyers to dismiss the charges.

If you have been encountered with such incidents then before paying your tickets to consult with the Prince William traffic violation lawyers to see the possible ways to minimize the penalties and other punishments. Our experienced and skilled lawyer will be able to guide you regarding the traffic laws of Virginia State and will build strong defense strategies to avoid any unwanted outcomes.

Is Soliciting a Prostitute a Felony in Loudoun Virginia

The act of prostitution is a sex crime in the state of Virginia and the conviction of the crime possess serious punishments of imprisonment and a significant money as a fine. But there is a question that is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia? The laws of prostitution provide the answer to this question. Solicitation refers to the act of requesting for developing sexual contact with another person by offering money. Soliciting someone for sexual activity in exchange for money also comes under the category of prostitution. The punishment for the act of solicitation is same as for the prostitution.

Moreover, “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?” needs a clear understanding of the laws which outline the nature of the crime and its punishment. According to the laws, participating, promoting or facilitating the illegal forms of sexual activity or sex in exchange for money is a serious offense.  Particularly, the act of prostitution includes the provision of sexual services as a business in which the sexual contact made with the purpose of getting financial benefits.

The individual who is involved in this crime is punished with the penalty of up to one year along with the fine of up to $2,500. The question “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?” is also clarified through the Virginia code sections from 18.2-346 to 18.2-359 which clearly describe the acts of prostitution and solicitation of prostitutes. The laws also proposed the punishments of imprisonment and fine for different case scenarios.

There are some other acts which are associated with the offenses of prostitution and have severe punishments which include the solicitation of prostitutes for sexual contact through different means. Then people ask “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?” when the person is willingly involved in the act. Promoting prostitution is termed as pandering or pimping and human trafficking are the more serious crimes and possess more severe punishments. Detaining an individual with the purpose of prostitution, taking money to place a person in a situation of illegal sexual activity and earning money by using the services of the prostitutes are punishable acts for class 4 felony charges.

The judgment against the crime of prostitution is not much severe than the crime of involving in promoting the prostitution. Therefore, the person directly involved in prostitution might avoid the imprisonment, however, the conviction of solicitation can be life-changing which consequences can be adverse and can have a greater impact on future. These punishments also provide the answer to the question “is soliciting a prostitute a felony in Loudoun Virginia?”

The experienced lawyer with a comprehensive knowledge of sexual crimes can observe the case details with greater concentration. Therefore, he can suggest better options to the accused individual to avoid or reduce punishment. Moreover, the lawyer, by observing the case details can also assist in selecting the defense mechanism which would be appropriate according to the case scenario. Contact the experienced and skilled lawyers immediately if you are accused of any of the sexual crimes so you can correctly present your case by smartly dealing with the charges.

Loudoun VA Speeding Ticket

Over speeding is an act of violation of rules of a particular government. The traffic rules are made to ensure the safety of the passengers and the surrounding people. Over speeding is considered illegal in Virginia just like rest of the states of the country because over speeding puts a threat to the life of the motorist and also to the life of the people in the surrounding area. A speeding ticket is issued to a person who violates the speed limit rule by exceeding the speed beyond the set limit. Speeding tickets are issued in order to ensure that this kind of irresponsible action does not happen again in the future. Virginia has strict rules against traffic violation and all the counties of Virginia also follow the same set of rules. Loudoun is a county located the Potomac River in the Commonwealth Virginia. Loudoun County also ensures the same laws against traffic violation e.g. over speeding and etc., as rest of the state.

Speeding ticket in Virginia is of normally $250 to $350. Although the maximum fine penalty against reckless driving, which may include over speeding, is $2500, but that is rarely imposed on a convict. Some serious consequences may include the loss of your license, loss of security clearance and loss of your job. Under some conditions the judge might agree to give you a restricted license which allows you to drive to certain locations or driver under only legitimate emergency conditions. The restricted license may allow you to drive to your school, workplace, to get medical help, childcare and etc.

In case of any speeding ticket issue if you are struggling to find someone to represent you in legal proceedings, then Law offices of SRIS P.C. is a place from where you should seek help. Law offices of SRIS P.C. is a firm which was founded with the basic aim of assisting, guiding and supporting people with the legal cases. Law offices of SRIS P.C. has an amazing team of lawyers who are very highly experienced and very well educated. We also have professional trial lawyers and two well-qualified Criminal Defense Lawyers who can help you with your speeding case. To get familiar with our efficient services you can set up an appointment with one of our attorneys and witness the distinct work that is carried out by our team. It is our guarantee that the client administration is very simple and not a headache.

To make legal proceedings more easier and understandable Law offices of SRIS P.C. works hard. It provides remarkable services at a very reasonable prices so you need not worry about the bizarre costs of hiring a lawyer. The exact cost of speeding case or any other case cannot be given on the website as every case’s nature is different than the other’s and the cost vary from each case to case depending upon the nature of the offense and the sophistication of the case. Moreover, as per firm’s policy, in order to avoid any uncertainties an agreement between attorney and the client will be signed

Improper driving in Warren Virginia

Traffic violation is considered to be an offense of high illegitimacy around the world, but when it comes to United States of America rules become stricter. Reckless driving is considered to be the most serious and dangerous of all other traffic violations. Reckless driving refers to an act of driving in which driver is driving vehicle rashly endangering people and property around. Due to its complex nature it is considered to be most serious offense of all. Any individual found guilty of reckless driving is subjected following penalties by the court:

  • Guilty party is convicted to the Class 6 Felony;
  • Guilty party is convicted to the Class 1 Misdemeanor;
  • Guilty party is subjected to an imprisonment of approximately six months or a whole year;
  • Guilty party is charged with six DMV points on the driving record of the accused. These points stay in the record for maximum of eleven months;
  • Guilty party is charged with a fine of up to $2500;
  • In most cases driver’s driving permit is suspended for a time span depending on the complexity of the charge imposed.

Mentioned points reflect the seriousness of reckless driving charge, however it can be lowered to the charge of ‘improper driving’. Improper driving in actual refers to be the subtle version of reckless driving, which is imposed on the accused to ensure that the act is not repeated again. In case of improper driving following penalties are imposed on the outlaw:

  • Guilty party is charged with three DMV points on the driving record, which stay there for not more than three years;
  • Guilty party is charged with fine of not more than $500;
  • Guilty party is not convicted to the class 6 felony;
  • Guilty party is not convicted to the class 1 misdemeanor;
  • Guilty party is not subjected to an imprisonment;
  • Driving license of the accused party is not suspended.

Accused can strive hard in order to lower the penalties to reduce the severity of the punishments. In order to do so one has to prove in the court that even though the offense is committed by the accused, yet all were safe at that time. This cannot be practically possible without hiring a legal attorney who can deal with such cases proficiently. In case if you are in need you can consult Law offices of SRIS P.C. We specialize in providing solutions to all sorts of traffic violation charges at an affordable cost.

In order to seek legal advice from Law offices of SRIS P.C. you are advised to contact any of our legal attorneys and provide them with key elements of the charge imposed on you. We have an extraordinarily talented team of attorneys including trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can deal with you reckless driving charge proficiently. Consultancy sessions and meetings completely depend on the complexity of charge imposed on you. However, we ensure your safety and satisfaction!

How to get out of a reckless driving ticket in Fairfax VA?

Reckless driving is considered to be a serious crime committed, violating the traffic regulations set by the Government. Under the light of laws prescribed by the US government reckless driving is defined as the offense committed by the driver while driving. Reckless driving is considered to be dangerous even more than that of inappropriate or heedless driving, due to the reason that the public and property around is vulnerable to risks. Reckless driving charge is imposed on the driver by the court in order to ensure that the same offense is not committed by people or the same individual again.

Fairfax is an independent county located in Virginia, it falls under the class of Commonwealth of Virginia. Traffic rules followed in the region are same as that of followed in rest of the Virginia. However, any person found guilty of reckless driving is subjected to the Class 1 misdemeanor in which he is convicted with a reckless driving charge, where following penalties are imposed on him:

  • An imprisonment of up to six months or a whole year;
  • Heavy fine of up to $2500;
  • Suspension of the driving license for a specific tenure. The tenure of suspension however depends upon the nature of the reckless charge convicted;
  • Accused is charge with six points on his driving These points stay on his driving record for eleven months.

Punishments are usually decided by the court in regard of previous criminal records. Similar is the case with traffic violation charges where punishments are imposed depending upon prior records of the driver. This depict that 6 points charged on the driving record can troublesome the individual in future driving activities. However, penalties imposed can be reduced. These penalties can only be minimized if the accused proclaim in the court that although he or she was driving recklessly but the public and property around were safe. However, this can only be done with a legal support. In order to resolve this problem you are advised to hire a legal advisor or legal attorney who can assist you in this case effectively.

For this purpose you can contact Law offices of SRIS P.C. which was founded with an aim to resolve legal charges. We have a group of knowledgeable and experienced trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can deal with such reckless driving charges smartly. In such circumstances you are immediately advised to contact any of our attorneys and fix your first consultancy session with us.

Traffic violations can put one’s career and personal life prospects at stake is US, however the punishment can be reduced. Law offices of SRIS P.C. ensures to solve all your problems by keeping in mind your safety. One cannot deal with courts and police men alone, therefore a well-established attorney is required by you. Therefore, in order to lower a reckless driving charge in the region of Fairfax Virginia consult Law offices of SRIS P.C. immediately.