Virginia DUI Laws first offense

Driving after taking drugs or alcohol is a crime. Taking drugs is very harmful for body because it penetrates through the circulatory system and destroys the organs of the body. The person gradually lose the stamina due to the damages occur in the endocrine system. The Virginia DUI Laws first offense is not flexible for […]

Seek Legal Support from Lawyers for DUI in Virginia

After you have been arrested for the offense of driving under influence (DUI) in Virginia, you should not panic because always remember that an arrest is not a conviction. It is completely ok to feel scared and frustrated but do not get confused and remember your immediate move is to protect yourself and your legal […]

Prince William VA Attorney Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a serious charge that results are greater than the speeding ticket. The driving may cause any damages or loss. In a Prince William country, you may need to pay for a heavy fine, license suspension or a possible jail time in case of doing the reckless driving. If you fall in this […]

Knowing About Reckless Driving Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia

There is no doubt that reckless driving is considered as a severe crime and is not treated as an ordinary traffic infraction. In addition to the general traffic violations, there are 13 specific reckless driving violations and crimes which can result in severe fine penalty charges in Virginia. The statutory scheme in Virginia is tougher […]

How much is a reckless driving charge in Virginia?

What is reckless driving in Virginia? Any act of a driver that can cause potential harm to any living thing or any property is deemed as reckless driving in Virginia. A reckless driving ticket is not easy as a speeding ticket as it is categorized as a criminal offense in Virginia. The person who is […]

Code of Virginia Reckless Driving

There are fourteen different kinds of reckless driving statutes in the state of Virginia, but all fourteen of them meet the requirements to be a class one misdemeanor in the state of Virginia. Code of Virginia Reckless Driving General Reckless Driving § 46.2-852 The main reckless driving statute of the state of Virginia will easily […]

Sex crimes in the State of Maryland

The consequences of being held by the law enforcement agents for sexual crimes in Maryland can be frightening. And if you are being charged with an unfair sexual offense charged than it is more humiliating. The guilty sex offenders have to face serious penalties in Maryland, and they are even registered as sex offenders. Hence, […]