What is Solicitation of Prostitution

Solicitation of prostitution is in principle the demand to one person by another person to carry out a sexual proceeding in exchange for a charge. Nonetheless, a tangible solicitation of prostitution charge typically encompasses a wide set of conditions with harsh penalties as well as punishments than simply the basic charge. A person who has been charged with the solicitation of prostitution […]

Violation of a Protective Order: Serious Felony in Virginia

Did you know that the violation of a protective order is a criminal offense? If this protective order is violated repeatedly, the offender can be charged by Class 3 felony and even Class 6 if abuse is involved. What are these Protective order? How are these violated? The Protective orders are also called restraining order […]

Possession of Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Possession of child pornography in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a Class 6 felony and being charged for intentionally obtaining and keeping child pornography is a conviction under the VA Code of 18.2-374.1:1, which can result in up to 5 years in prison. The intention is irrelevant and as long as you have the ability […]

How Do I File for a Protective Order or Restraining Order in Virginia?

The legal document that is designed to provide security to stop harassment and stop violence is called protective order. It is to provide protection to you and your family from abusers. The protective orders offer civil legal protection from domestic violence to female and male victims. These are court orders to provide you safety and […]

Child Custody and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence with any doubt is a very serious issue. A parent’s loss of control can impact a family emotionally, psychologically and legally. Courts in Virginia takes the allegations of domestic violence in cases of child custody very seriously. Domestic violence in relations is a facilitator for one partner to file separation or leave a […]


As of now, there have been 20 defined crimes in Virginia that are associated with the prosecution of sexual abuse related crimes within the region. These are basically known as Statutory laws that are used to impeach a sexual offender who is related to the victim under the Virginia Age of Consent. In contrast, non-statutory […]

What Is Considered a Sex Crime in Virginia

A sexual crime is a serious criminal offense. Being accused or arrested for a sex crime can be humiliating and frightening, as it comes with very harsh consequences. Conviction of a sex crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia and many other jurisdictions across all US can cause a convicted individual to face heavy fines and […]

Falsely accused of reckless driving? Here’s what you can do

Reckless driving is considered as a serious offense in Virginia and one with consequences that could affect your criminal record for years to come. If you believe that you’ve been wrongly charged with reckless driving, let us assure you that you’re not the only one. We get dozens of clients each day arguing that they […]

Online Sex Crimes- What Are the Penalties?

Undoubtedly, online communication through computers, tablets along with cellphones have largely increased the opportunity for offenders to make sexual advances towards easy targets, usually children and adolescents. In response to the increased risk, government officials have expanded the investigative techniques along with the legislatures clarifying and strengthening the criminal laws in order to track down […]